Romeo Mihalcea

What are network devices

The network devices are individual devices discovered in your network. Their information is sent to us only when dnsadblock is installed on a router/switch that acts as a gateway in your network.

Our Home plan is now free

After a careful study of the current market and many considerations we decided to change our entry plan (Home) and make it available for free.

EdgeOS installation instructions

InstallYou need to enable SSH and login via terminal into your EdgeOS box: To upgrade you need to run the same command that you used to…

How to configure your connection

The most important aspect of each connection is its customization window. Each connection can have different settings and blocking rules that can be applied or not.

How to create block rules

Our code is smart enough to recognize some special tokens when analyzing your filter rules. We added this feature to save on the size of our global rules as a whole and to allow you to consume fewer of those "Max custom rules" that are tied to your plan.

Install via terminal

On some operating systems we support only the bash installer. To use it, please follow this tutorial.

Arch Based distribution installation

Using the installerInstallRun the following command: sh -c "$(curl -sL"UpgradeTo upgrade you need to run the same command that you used to install. If there…

DnsAdBlock GUI software installation tutorial

Installing the GUI software

For Windows, Linux (Debian or RPM based distros) you can install and use our GUI software which does the heavy lifting of starting and managing…