What are network devices

The network devices are individual devices discovered in your network. Their information is sent to us only when dnsadblock is installed on a router/switch that acts as a gateway in your network.

When running in router mode, our software is able to "discover" devices on your network and pull some information available. For each DNS request that we forward to our servers we also attach this info via http headers. If the server receives device information it adds it to the logs so we can parse them later and extract and group everything based on such metadata.

The ability to view activity based on device is important in all situations and for a big number of reasons.

If dnsadblock is executed from the desktop app (and not installed on a gateway/router/switch) the devices discovery is not possible/performed so you won't see anything in the list inside your Dasnboard.

If you're accessing the DOH endpoint using other software and still wish to send out device info you can use the following http headers for each request:

  • X-Device-Id
  • X-Device-Ip
  • X-Device-Model
  • X-Device-Name