Our Home plan is now free

After a careful study of the current market and many considerations we decided to change our entry plan (Home) and make it available for free.

This plan will have some new limits added to it to ensure we're able to keep our services safe from abusers:

  • Total monthly queries (allowed, denied) limited to 200,000. That's almost 7,000 daily requests allowed
  • Once the limit is reached we allow for another 100,000 requests that go unfiltered (forwarded to upstreams right away) (just like any other DNS server)
  • Once the 100k also exhausted we start denying requests and encourage users to upgrade
  • Max configurations allowed for the free plan is 3
  • Max user custom rules (allowed+denied) limited to 100

This is a much needed and requested feature and we're confident it will lead to a rise in signups since no payment commitment is required to start using our service.