Why do I need to link my IP address when creating a connection

In this small article I'm going to show you what is the purpose of the IP address field when creating a new connection and what makes it mandatory.

When creating or updating a connection you will notice this input field that asks for the "Allowed IP address". For some users, the purpose of this field, remains unclear and we want to address that in this post.

When using the DNS server without our software, on the port 53 or DOT (dns over tls) we have no way of identifying you other than your IP address. To prevent our servers from abuse and ensure good operating conditions we deny requests from unidentified peers.

The IP address is used to authenticate users only when not using our software or when not connecting via DOH (DNS over HTTPS)

Our software uses the DOH protocol to secure and anonymize your DNS traffic and the IP address field is ignored because we already receive the connection identifier via url:

In this screenshot, we identify the connection with ufi1uvmt and we do not need the incoming IP address any more that's why we encourage you to try and connect using this protocol (when not using our software) to ensure a long running service without interruptions.