What is DOH - DNS over HTTPS?

The main advantage in using the DOH protocol is the fact that DNS queries are carried via http and they appear as regular http traffic. Traditional DNS traffic is done on port 53 which makes it extremely easy to monitor.

With DNS over HTTPS your traffic is not mixed any more and flows using the same protocol making it impossible to distinguish DNS traffic from regular one.

How to switch to DOH

Our software already proxies your DNS traffic over to HTTPS endpoint

If you're using our software then you don't have to do anything because we use DOH internally. Our software creates a local DNS tunnel that receives DNS queries and forwards them to the DNS server using DOH.

If you just need the DOH url in order to use it elsewhere you can obtain it by navigating to your connections page. Once there click on the plus sign next to your connection in order to expand its details and copy the DOH address of your DNS server.

DNS over HTTPS settings